Kinsta Discount: 2 Months Free w/Annual Plan

Last Updated on August 18, 2020
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Looking for a Kinsta coupon code? Over at Kinsta they do things a little different by offering automatic discounts.

Purchase a hosting plan for at least 1 year and get 2 months FREE. This discount is applied at checkout and can save you between $60 and $3,000 depending on your plan.

And the best part? You won't find a better WordPress host that offers the same quality and support for the price.

Discount Pricing for Kinsta

$60 OFF Starter Plan

2 Months FREE w/1 year term required

$120 OFF Pro Plan

2 Months FREE w/1 year term required

$200 OFF Business 1 Plan

2 Months FREE w/1 year term required

How to Get Kinsta Discounts

Kinsta takes a different approach when offering discounts. They do not use coupons or promo codes like most hosts.

Discounts are automatically applied as long as you signup for at least 1 year of hosting.

Step 1: Head over to, and go to Plans.

Step 2: BEFORE you select a plan, click on the toggle under the plans table to switch to Paid Yearly.

Kinsta Hosting Plans

This option will give you 2 months FREE (at least $60 off). Choose your hosting plan based on your needs, then continue the checkout process to finish.

About Kinsta

If you've been looking for WordPress hosting lately, you may have heard of Kinsta mentioned more than others.

Kinsta was started back in 2013 and specializes only in managed WordPress hosting. They offer service across 22 global data centers by using the Google Cloud network.

Plans at Kinsta are priced about the same as other WordPress hosts, but Kinsta is more scalable, developer-friendly, and focuses on ease-of-use.

Kinsta Cloud Platform

One of the best advantages Kinsta has is the utilization of the Google Cloud Platform. This network runs on 24 data centers across the globe that are owned and maintained by Google.

This kind of infrastructure allows Kinsta to offer a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% while handling over 30,000 GBs of traffic each day.

Kinsta's Architecture

Kinsta understands that load time is critical for SEO and Google’s SERP raking for your WordPress site. It's why they've built hosting with a specific architecture to make sure that not a millisecond is lost to weak server performance or connection issues.

They employ the latest versions of Nginx, PHP 7.4, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and compute-optimized VMs to ensure scalability and resource adequacy.

This means that your site won’t crash or slow just because there is a surge in traffic. Especially if you have content that goes viral or a hot selling product.

Kinsta Hack-Free Guarantee

Kinsta has a hack-free guarantee. If a site is compromised while on their network, they will fix it for free.